Personal Training Packages

Personal training allows the client and the trainer to work together, face to face. Once you pick a package of sessions that best suites YOU, we will get started. The first session will begin with an initial assessment and a workout. From there, I will create a program for you. 

> We will meet and train as many times a week as you want/schedule. 

> You will  be given a copy of your program so you can exercise on the days you are not working with me in the studio. 

> Your program will change every 4 weeks. 


20 Sessions - $55 / hour

40 Sessions - $50 / hour

60 Sessions - $45 / hour

80 Sessions - $40 / hour

Add Nutrition Programming/Guidance - $50 / month

FREE Consultations - Session to meet, assess both fitness and nutritional goals. 

**Payments are made monthly**