I was recently looking back at some pictures of myself in grade 10, 11, 12. Now, I am not old. I am 20 years old so it wasn’t that long ago. However, I started pursing fitness and a healthy lifestyle at the age of 16. You and your body can change a lot in four years, but I am just getting started. 

Anyway, when I was looking at these pictures of myself I was shocked. At the time (age 16) I was usually worried about how I looked. Negative thoughts often ran through my head, “everyone else is prettier than me”, “I wish I could pull off clothes like her”, I had constant battles in my head. I wasn’t enough, and I wasn’t blessed with genetics and in my mind that was all that mattered. 


I know I am not the only girl that struggled with this growing up. However, when I was looking back at my high school and graduation pictures I couldn’t believe how gorgeous I was. That sounds very conceded, but it is so true. I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self that you are beautiful and there is so much more in life to care about than if my clothes are nice enough, or if I weigh too much. It is sad to think that I once thought like that. These pictures were so eye opening to me for a few reasons:


  1. If you saw someone else walking down the street with YOUR looks and personality you would probably think they were gorgeous. Your personality, complexion and body will never be enough in your mind. STOP! Stop thinking that way. Appreciate what you have. Your body is capable of pushing through walls, taking you to amazing destinations, carrying you through life.
  2. We always want what we don’t have. We want to look like other people, have what other people have, only because we don’t currently have it. We never stop to appreciate what we have, what we have earned and what we are working towards. I have gained so much confidence over the years and love myself for who I am, but the odd time I catch myself. I catch myself looking at some Instagram model and thinking “why don’t I look like that”. Don’t compare the stage of your journey to someone else’s. All you can do is try your best everyday, and work towards your best self. 
  3. Appreciate where you are at. In high school I didn’t appreciate how I looked or how healthy I was because I was too busy worrying about how I wasn’t where I wanted to be. This is a tricky one because we always want to push for more and work towards bigger goals. Balance… that is all I can say. Make goals, work hard for them. This can be in fitness, business or relationships. But appreciate where you are, how far you have come and just wok hard everyday. 

Self-love is not being Selfish. Do not confuse the two. The biggest lesson here for me is do NOT take your current situation for granted. Enjoy yourself. You are unique, beautiful/handsome and don’t look back and regret not being nicer to yourself. Being kind to yourself only pushes you forward, and lets you enjoy your life.