I was recently on a camping trip in British Columbia with my boyfriend. It was an amazing trip filled with wine tours, bacon, and dinner dates. As a personal trainer some mind find it hypocritical that I would go and indulge or have food that isn't necessarily "nutritious". However, I am human and I did realize something on this trip when it comes to fitness and reaching your goals, all well trying to live your life to the fullest. 

Enjoy yourself. I have been on both ends of this spectrum. I have been the girl that says NO to everything. No to every meal out with friends, or every glass of wine offered to me. Sure I looked good but I wasn't living. People started to not even asking me to go out or go for supper at one point because I would say no. A long time ago, I was also the girl who said YES to everything. Literally everything. I would eat whatever, whenever. Sure, I wasn't missing out on things but I sure as hell wasn't enjoying myself either. I felt lethargic, tired and not very confident. 

When I left for the trip I was the leanest I have been in a long time. Been busting my ass in the gym and pushing myself when it came to nutrition. As much as I was excited for a break and some fun times, I wanted to maintain as much as possible. Therefore, I went into this trip hoping to find that balance between letting lose and enjoying myself, but making conscious decisions and keeping those goals in mind. Guess what? It worked. Although I feel bit "fluffier" they call it. Retaining water and about 2lbs heavier then when I left. I know I will feel back to normal after a week of training and eating right again. This is the first vacation where I have come home feeling great about my body and the time I spent. There is an in between. Often people use trips as an excuse to go crazy. They eat and drink like no tomorrow. This is the "all or nothing" mindset that can ruin progress. On the trip, I bought healthy, clean food when I could. All our groceries were healthy and the food we cooked for camping was amazing. However, when we stopped on the road for a burger, had a beer by the fire, or had a scoop of ice cream. You better bet I enjoyed that shit. I ate till I was full then I stopped. I never stuffed my face, or over ate. Good thing my man was there to finish the food I didn't want LOL. 

We were active on this trip as well. We walked, hiked, went mountain biking and made use of the hotel gym. I used to be scared to take trips because I new I was  either going to fall off the rails, not enjoy myself, or come home having to start over.  Every meal I had on a trip freaked me out. I always thought I would have to fit in workouts. But not this trip. This trip was full of freedom, living my life, and thinking about how I am going to reach my goals. This blog is to encourage everyone that vacations are not an excuse to through your health and fitness out the window, but you do need to enjoy yourself. You can not restrict yourself of those moments. Everything in moderation. I promise you there is a balance. I have found it, and I want you to find it too because  it is a whole new world. 

Thank you to Colton, for the amazing trip filled with new memories. I can't wait to grow with you. Through our fitness journeys, life and make new memories! 

Paige T.