I am certain that everyone can relate here. Do you ever have a day where the 'to do' list adds up, and you aren't getting any of it done? Do you feel like you are standing still in a pile of stuff and time is flying by? You feel as though your life is a mess. There are things to get done, things to pay for, people you want to see, people you have to see and might not want to, work, friends, money. WHAT A MESS!

However, you are not alone. Everyone has those days. I certainly do. You may be feeling that you are going no where, in your mind life is hard. Maybe you are financially struggling, your relationship is suffering, or you are not where you want to be in your fitness journey! Do me a favour, and shut your brain off. Thinking these things will literally manifest your current situation into a bigger issue. Mindset can move mountains. When I say mountains. I mean simply changing your mindset can turn your world around. Your perspective will change. 

When I am struggling, doesn't matter what with; fitness, money, relationships. I literally tell myself "It will pass, it always gets better". And guess what. It always does. Now your probably thinking, "I  always think that and it never does." Well... honestly it is because you don't believe it when you say it. You subconsciously know it is going to stay how it is or get worse, or you are simply saying hoping thinking positive will help. No, stop. 

MINDSET, mindset, mindset. Setting your mind to believe in positive things. When I say my mantra, I believe it. I walk around every minute of the day at total ease because I know it will get better. There is comfort and joy that comes when you know it will get better. Guess what! It works. Now it takes time and patience. 

Positive thinking (believing you deserve the best that life has to offer) will manifest positivity into your life. Working on your health and fitness can be especially challenging at times, yet so glorious and humbling at other times. Be patient and work your hardest everyday, deep down know that everyday you are one step closer.