This blog isn't a "how to" on finding balance. I wish I could give you one but finding balance is much more than that. As I am writing to you, I am drinking a glass of wine and relaxing after a long day.  I have currently been doing really well with my balanced lifestyle. I am following a nutrition program now, have been for several weeks. However, I do like to enjoy myself, to be fair, who doesn't? Summer is around the corner, and we all know what summer means. Patio drinks, bbq's, ice cream, snacks on the beach. It never ends, there is always another excuse to eat garbage, and another reason on the weekend to over indulge. Let's look at the definition of Balance; a condition which different elements are in equal or correct proportions. As a verb, it means; off-set or compare the value of one thing to another. 

When it comes to finding balance in your life, there is a lot to think about. First think of your priorities. For me it is, family, relationships, personal fitness, my personal training business. That is a lot to consider, for some people it might be more or less. The concern when starting a training regime and nutritional plan is, will I get to live life still? What if my friends go out on the weekend? What if my family has a bbq? The trick is CONSISTENCY. Consistency with exercise and clean eating. As a trainer, I do not want to take you from those family events, or fun times with friends. I really don't. If you are consistent with your nutrition and training, those lunch dates with your best friend aren't going to affect you or set you back. If you are consistent, you can more than afford a night out with drinks, or that piece of cake at that birthday party. 

Another way to not go overboard is get to know your body. Even when you decide to treat yourself or go out, listen to your gut... literally. If you are full (like really full) but just eating because its the one time you decided to have a cheat meal or the only time your going out this week. Then STOP eating. One thing I only recently learned, is it is okay to stop eating. This seems silly because you might be the type of person who just stops eating when they are full or you don't need to eat a lot of food. That is great! But I know from personal experience, especially when I am tracking my food and following a plan. Sometimes when I decide to have a "cheat meal" or go out for one night, I used to go overboard. My mentality was "Damn, I have to eat clean tomorrow so I am going to stuff my face with bad food". Then guess what? I left extremely full, bloated, and even felt shitty the next day when I woke up. That is not a healthy mindset. It is okay to stop eating, it is okay to be full. Mcdonald's isn't going anywhere, you don't have to eat it like your going to die tomorrow. 

Since I have started doing this, I feel better, I look better, I enjoy a treat more than once a week because I don't over do calories and food all in one day. It has been so enlightening. My body responds much better. I ate sushi today... it was awesome, and tomorrow I am going to wake up, prep my food for the day and get back on track. Easier said then done, but it takes practice. 

We like to go all in or all out. We are hardcore into fitness and always tell our friends no for that glass of wine, or burger and fries. On the other hand when we get a cheat meal or a treat we go WAY over board. Balance, as I defined above is not being radical in any direction or element of your life. It is enjoying both sides. Loving training and your nutrition, but having fun and living out those experiences that make us who we are. Don't be so hard on yourself. Practice, be patient, and don't quit. It will come. 

Paige T.