My name is Paige Travers, and I love fitness. My journey with fitness started when I was 16 years old and has been both challenging and liberating. I grew up playing every sport available to me; hockey, volleyball, golf, track and field, softball, badminton, and basketball. Sports were a big deal to me, I love to sweat and feel accomplished. I only had access to team sports until I moved to Warman, Saskatchewan.  

My family moved to Warman in the fall of 2015. After a month or so I was antsy to do something. I was missing my three practices a week, and games on weekends. I needed something. So I applied for a job at my local gym. They hired me as the office worker there, signing people up, running social media, etc. The people who own the gym were also "personal trainers". They "coached" people through contest prep. For those who don't know what contest prep is, it is preparation for a body building show. I wanted to compete in the Bikini Athlete category, and I did. This prep was the worst, yet the best thing I have done. The process was gruelling and hard. But I reached a goal I had set for myself no matter how hard it was and that in itself is empowering. Competing is hard but I knew for a fact it wasn't supposed to be as painful as it was. I was starving and suffering. My coaches didn't respond to my emails and I got onstage dehydrated and deprived. I had migraines and couldn't get out of bed for months. 

After this experience, I left the gym, my coaches, and started fresh. I moved back home for the summer with my best friend and started taking my personal training certificate. My best friend and I had similar dreams and decided to start an online training company together. Now our work together is mostly boot camps, and challenges. But none the less, thats where it all began. I also train out of a studio in Saskatoon. I love my job to say the least. The joy I get when I see people's progress and confidence is rewarding. 

Since the show I have delt with binge eating, body image problems, and my relationship with food. I still struggle sometimes but I am in a much happier, and healthier place. I am constantly striving for my goal body, a healthier mindset, and ultimately to be on that stage again. My fitness journey will never end, there will always be new goals, achievements and challenges. I want to write about it for other people to see. I want others to know that even personal trainers struggle sometimes. Although, no matter how hard the struggle, you have to push through because the reward is worth it. 

There is a little about me. My blog will continue to be a big part of what I do. In this section you I will tell you about my fitness journey as it continues, you will see motivation, recipes, supplement information and tips on how to kick fitness in the butt! 

Thanks for reading,

Paige Travers